Vendor Management

    Vendor Management System is aimed at increasing the efficiencies in effectively managing the process right from Vendor Identification, Recruitment, Monitoring the Performance/Quality in each region. The ultimate objective is to consider the use of Right Resource at the Right Place at the Right Time. This solution is a secured, scalable (2 to 5000 Users and above), flexible, web based solution. The solution also provides much greater Visibility in Field Operations, and the task of managing multiple vendors becomes very transparent because of our vendor self management module, and any number and size of vendor companies can take part. This well knit solution aims for higher level of customer service by seamlessly integrating the Company, Vendors, Operations and Customers and improves the bottom-line revenue associated with field service.


  • Web Based Solution: The Multi Vendor Management System is a secured web based on demand solution, which can be accessed by Multi Vendor Management System users.
  • Vendor Management: Comprehensive workflow system designed for the complete management of the Vendor and its types such as Inspection, Preservations and Maintenance.
  • Master Data Management: Master Data like Lead, Vendor, SLA, Documents and Region & Zone etc., which are required for the transactions, can be easily imported and maintained.


  • Dashboards-to analyze the data & Timely reports helps managers and planners in decision making
  • Data Import- Data Import service can import customer, Work orders, regions and zones data securely from a variety of sources like ftp, web services, direct file feed.
  • Business growth Growth is about winning and retaining customers.
  • Retain customers for longer- The integration between the Multi Vendor Management System and Work order systems will reinforce your partnership and enable your answer to be yes, whenever a service request is made.
  • Offer greater coverage to customers Because the system can handle share vendors you can offer your customers service in areas that are not normally profitable.
  • Improved Operational Management- Measuring the quantity and quality of your vendors allows you to find potential problems more quickly. High level graphs help you to understand market trends and to react quickly.
  • Improved Partner Management Having the right partners is vital in today's competitive environment. Objectively measuring the quantity, quality and value-for-money of a Vendor is made easy, within the multi-company structure of the Multi Vendor Management System.