Our Enquiry Management enables the buying process needs of any size of Traders, Exporters, Sourcing agents,
Buying Houses and any other form of Business.

  • Better Collobration
  • Time Management
  • Cloud Based Service
  • Reports
  • Business Insights
  • Centralized Data Processing Solution

Many firms – of all shapes and sizes – are guilty of not properly tracking and nurturing enquiries (you may call them ‘leads’ or ‘prospects’).   Some firms duplicate effort by logging these initial contacts in third-party software systems.   Some – and this is unforgivable! – do not bother tracking them at all.

Just because an enquiry does not turn into a live client immediately, this doesn’t mean it should not be nurtured.   Early enquiries can eventually turn into very profitable clients, and every enquiry should be treated seriously (they are costing you money after all, taking a slice of your marketing budget to generate).

By using Sales Generation & Order Management ‘Enquiry Management System’, you can:

  • Record every incoming enquiry, tracking its type, source, etc to generate valuable sales and marketing intelligence
  • Manage ongoing prospect relationships, staying in touch via post, email, or even SMS text message
  • Track prospect preferences (at individual or company level) to target them with relevant marketing materials and invitations (for example, to specific demand or order).
  • When the time is right, create a live client file (at the click of a button) including all appropriate pre-existing information.   Client files can be referred on to appropriate teams if you wish, and can trigger individual matters (again, at the click of a button)