Automate Quotation Building and Give Your
Sales Force More Time to Grow the Top Line

    Quotation automation dramatically speeds-up the sales cycle by relieving sales reps of tedious quotation building, giving them more face time with customers. Using your eCatalog or build-to-order wizard, and lead management as integrated information sources, Sales Generator & Order Managementís QuoteBuilder module adds quoting rules, pricing and impactors such as labor costs, discounts, margins, commissions, rules-and-rights and work-flow to create a professional-looking, accurate and fully documented proposal and quotation that once sold, flows seamlessly into your factory as an approved job order. Quote Builder traps hidden labor and materials costs, helping to preserve margins and its database structure is dashboard-analytics ready.


  • Complete database of product info, pricing, status.
  • Accommodates complex business rules/variations.
  • Workflow, roles-and-rights, discounts, factory-ready.
  • Fully integrated with our 24/7 BUSINESS eCatalog and eConfigurator.
  • Quote tracking, management, reporting and administration.