Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1. What is SgOM?
SgOM is a web-based proposal generation SaaS application
designed for use by the entire sales organization. Our software is divided
into 5 categories which are Quotes and Proposals, CRM, E-catalog, Product
configuration and sales activity reports.

Q 2. How does SgOM work?
SgOM is a browser based model which means that no extra software is loaded on your PC or laptop. Upgrades and updates are immediately made available to our customers at no extra cost. SgOM can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

Q 3. What are the hardware and software requirements?
SgOM is a hosted solution so no software resides on our client’s computers. The only software requirement is a compatible Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome etc) and an internet connection.

Q 4. How would my information be available online?
The SgOM Customer Care Department will upload your contacts and create/organize a dynamic E-catalog with your product and services. This information would then be stored in our server farm and then made available to you through the internet.

Q 5.Who has access to my information through SgOM?
Your information will only be accessible to licensed users within your company. These users can have different levels of access based on the criteria established by you.

Q 6. What is an E-Catalog?
It is a dynamic, electronic catalog which consists of your product and service offerings. It is correctly organized, sorted and tagged for each line, brand and the corresponding accessories. The catalog has a search engine which makes finding products, related items and accessories quick and easy.

Q 7. How many user accounts does SgOM support?
There is no limit to the number of users an account can have. You may subscribe as many as you need and add users as your business dictates.

Q 8. Is my data secure?
Security for hosted solutions is divided into two areas which are transmission and access of data. SgOM has implemented Standard Secure Socket layer (SSL) technology for safe and secure transmission of data across the Internet. We are hosted in a secure environment that uses firewall and other technology for data storage. The data center offers power redundancy and excellent environmental conditions. Our product is designed with multiple index keys that ensure the data is accessed only by the appropriate tenant.

Q 9. Is SgOM a global company?
We have offices in the United States and international headquarters in Noida.

Q 10. Can I migrate my existing sales, product, and customer data directly into SgOM?
Yes…SgOM has upload functionality for products, services and contacts/accounts.

Q 11. Can I assign different levels of access to different areas of SgOM?
You may assign different access levels to people within your organization.

Q 12. What kind of training does SgOM provide?
SgOM has a training department with experienced trainers. The training program can be as simple as a webinar or a series of webinars which are provided at no cost to our customers. We also can come to you if you prefer. Training is an important part in the successful implementation and utilization of SgOM.

Q 13. How much will SgOM cost?
SgOM is Software as a Service (SaaS) which is considerably less expensive than traditional software. It is priced on a monthly subscription fee. The monthly price is based on the quantity of users, length of service and maintenance fees. With SgOM, you never have to purchase software again as the upgrades are included with no additional costs. Please contact us and we will promptly deliver a personal quotation to you.

Q 14. Can we have different pricing discounts based on customers and products?
iQuote contains a complex pricing tool that allows discounting based on a wide variety of factors.

Q 15. How do I get started?
Please call, send us an email or visit our website. We can take you through a short webinar and demonstrate how our product saves time and increases sales.

Q 16. How fast can we be up and running?
Depending on your requirements, we can implement an account for you in as little as a few days. Customers requiring product configuration with large catalogs may take a few weeks.

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