e-Catalog is a professional solution that helps produce and manage easily product-related, trade-related information. It is the 24-hour source for your customers for accessing your product catalog online with the latest product information, exclusive discounts and promotions. e-Catalog organizes rich detailed content about all offered products and services, allows to properly manage, classify and categorize it; and distribute product information to multiple channels.

e-Catalog Features

  • Setting prices and availability for each item in accordance with customers pricing categories.
  • Managing categories of the e-Catalog and determination access to each category by setting filters.
  • Powerful search capabilities: simple search, advanced search and search by keywords.
  • Interactive product comparison within one product category.
  • Using the Basket to reserve products if required products are displayed on different pages in e-Catalog.
  • Accumulating selected products in Wish List that serves as a container for the favorite items