Customer Purchase Order and Tracking

Purchase order

  • Manage complete information for a Customer PO – either add or import through certain tailor-made programs as per customer specific formats.
  • The purchase order details cover the various teams responsible, the item details with full item description like - color, and size details, quantities, prices, dates.
  • This further extends to the barcodes, packaging as well as logistic details.
  • The purchase order can be recorded and worked upon even when a tentative order is received
  • The various extensions can also be logged with proper reasoning
  • The cancelled orders (including the short-shipments) are also logged with detailed analytical reports defining the business received, but lost.
  • The purchase order(s) have an approval mechanism, if required.

Purchase order tracking

  • Multiple “Activity Template” can be configured defining different production routes in a production cycle. That is the list of user-defined activities as well as their nature can be defined by the users. For e.g., a yarn-dyed item, a knitted style, a furniture, or a home furnishing product shall follow a different route into production, has a different production path and varies in deadlines.
  • A unique and comprehensive Time ‘n’ Activity Calendar (also called as TnA, work-in-progress, WIP, or critical path) is generated clearly defining responsibility and target dates for each of the underlying activities.
  • It gathers information from various stakeholders – merchandisers, quality inspectors / auditors, logistic personnel, and even from labelling team, buyers, as well as vendors – if the logins are provided to them.
  • These targets are alerted to each user responsible in advance and are escalated to the hierarchy through a user-defined escalation matrix
  • These targets can be revised various teams – merchandisers, inspectors, shipping personnel, etc.. Each of these revisions are logged and are controlled based on the agreed ETD. In case of any expected delay, the system brings the particular POs into the attention of concerned people, so that an appropriate action – revision of TnA or requesting extension from the buyer – can be taken
  • For pre-production activities, an appropriate submission and approval targets as well as actual details are logged
  • For Pre-Production Meetings, system provides a check-list to be discussed and agreed upon by various stake-holders
  • For production activities, if required, a daily production can be managed
  • A details Purchase Order Tracking can be generated for multiple purchase orders with items as rows and activity as columns – providing a complete control to the users (merchandisers), managers (coordinators, supervisors, or team leads), as well as the management

Reports – Data mining and Analysis

  • A very strong management information system (MIS) for all level of people – management, middle managers, and even users
  • The reports include the work in-progress report or post-mortem reports from the historical data; it could be the performance reports, work load reports, revenue reports, or even quantity or statistical count reports.
  • The reports can be for suppliers, supplier zones, customers, customer region, division, team, department, product category, or for seasons.